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Hey there :)

Y11.webnode administartor | 31/03/2012

Hi guys , thanks for visiting my site :) ..
make sure you have enjoyed and played every game of Y11.. When you check out and play every game , let me know , so I update the web.. Cuz I don't want visitors that visit a web only for a game ! ! !

Anyway ,, again thanks for visiting even on 2012 :D

Re: Hey there :)

Thomasrecy | 06/04/2014

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Y11.webnode administartor | 05/01/2011

Thank you for the traffic you have done . I hope you like all that I've done for the Y11.
I know this website doesn't have a professional domain like ".com" but it doesn't matter , because I know you Like Y11.webnode just like it is . Keep visiting and Commenting .
There are a lot of game websites with Y11 , maybe with a pro domain , but be sure that thy stole our idea to make a website that includes best games from best game websites . Thank you ... Remember , visit and comment .
Respect from Albion , administrator of www.y11.webnode.com


Y11.wbnode | 09/11/2010

Hi!! thanks for all your comments , and visiting the website..
If you can see , we have games from all best game websites .. this makes Y11 good and very visited.. Keep visting us..

THIS IS Message from admin.

I like Y11

Dardan Bajraktari` | 02/07/2010

DARLOADI the king haha
I like games is Rubble Trouble


hU | 01/07/2010

i like sports

Mat mrt

Alis | 01/03/2010

Mat mirt jeni


adaadddy | 08/02/2010

yes but this game is posted


Rocki | 08/02/2010

I like (best games of the world)

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